Stem Cell Research Update, Outsourced

A fair amount has been happening in the US and elsewhere of late regarding stem cell research, funding and legislation. Fortunately, I don't feel so obligated to run off updates to these things now that a number of other folks are doing an excellent job in this area. Stem cell research has always been of great interest to me because it leads to regenerative medicine, which leads to cures for a wide range of age-related conditions ... which leads to incidental (rather than directed) healthy life extension. In addition, the research and capabilities required to make stem cell medicine a reality dovetail very nicely with the research and capabilities required to cure aging - it all comes down to understanding and controlling our cells in the end. So a focus on stem cell science (and legislation) isn't really as core to Fight Aging! as a focus on longevity science - I'm glad to see other people working on it. Some frequently updated blogs and news sources worth following:

A last note: now that things are heating up once more at the Federal level in the US, isn't it time you faxed your representatives to protest attempts to criminalize therapeutic cloning and embryonic stem cell research? The threat of anti-research legislation over the past few years has caused great harm to private funding - the cost of imposed delays in research into cures for age-related conditions is very high. You have a voice and can do something about this!

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