A Deserved Award For Robert Lanza of ACT

A large number of newsworthy events are taking place in the world of stem cell research and legislation at the moment, but I thought it worth drawing attention to the Wired Rave Award for medicine given to Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology:

In his interview with Wired Magazine, Dr. Lanza commented, "There are 3,000 Americans dying every day from diseases I believe could be treated using stem cell technology." He also cited advice from some of his mentors, including Jonas Salk, B.F. Skinner, and Christiaan Barnard. That advice was to "Make a difference."

William Caldwell, Chief Executive Officer of ACT Holdings, Inc. said, "It is gratifying to see the technology community recognizing the importance of regenerative medicine and the scientists working in the field."

Michael D. West, Chairman, President, and Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. commented, "I am very happy for Dr. Lanza's continued recognition in the field of stem cell research. Dr. Lanza has long been and will continue to be an important leader and contributor to our scientific team at Advanced Cell Technology."

If ever there was a model for people laboring determinedly in the face of opposition to make a young company and its medical breakthroughs a success, the Advanced Cell Technology team would be it. All this story needs now is a happy ending that involves renewed venture funding, more advances in stem cell technologies, and the widespread deployment of new stem cell therapies for age-related conditions.


Is this Dr. Lanza my former English student at Stoughton High School in Massachusetts? Then, I was Mrs. Weddleton, and he was one of my favorite, but not my best, English students.

Posted by: Marianne Cannon at April 3rd, 2005 7:16 PM

hey! im doing a report on Dr. Lanza! hes pretty cool

Posted by: magot at October 27th, 2005 3:04 PM
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