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I'm pleased to note that Kevin Perrott - another of the very active Methuselah Foundation volunteers - has expanded his activities to include a healthy life extension focused blog. A recent post on the high cost of aging is worth reading for a set of eye-opening figures - unless we do something about age-related degeneration, you and I will be footing a sizeable part of this bill in the years ahead.

The Alliance for Aging Research has summarized the current costs of looking after the dependent elderly. Note that these costs are for institutionalized adults, not those who are being cared for by their family members and other care-givers. The figures should actually be much higher. ... For a total of 218 Billion Dollars... PER YEAR! and this amount is set to increase by 600% over the next couple of decades. The cost is mind boggling.

You should all head on over to Health Extension and welcome Kevin to the blogosphere.

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