Immortality Institute Essay Contest

The Immortality Institute has launched an essay contest: winning essays will be considered for inclusion in the next Institute book. The topic for consideration is oblivion: "In Lamont's The Illusion of Immortality the term immortality refers to existence of a soul in an afterlife. The illusion to which Lamont refers is that there likely does not exist an immortal soul. ... the term immortality as used by scientists today mainly refers to agelessness of an entity or organism. The Immortality Institute prefers to use the term physical immortality as to mean the 'concept of existing for a potentially infinite or indeterminate length of time.' How does one come to terms with the seemingly inescapable problem of oblivion after ones own death? In the 70 years since Lomont first published his work, why has so little been written about the problem of oblivion after death? Can science prove or disprove oblivion after death?"


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