Janet Street-Porter On Aubrey De Grey

RedNova is running a column by Janet Street-Porter on Aubrey de Grey and the M Prize for anti-aging research - it's a good demonstration that most folks do actually want to live longer, healthier lives. "De Grey studied computer science, and works as a researcher in the Department of Genetics at Cambridge University. As an engineer, he believes that eventually technology will be created which will be able to repair cell damage and so, not only will we halt ageing, we will be able to revert to youth. Hoorah! ... In the interests of democracy and a longer life for all, I'm pledging my [10 pounds sterling] to the Methuselah Mouse prize now - it's a lot more fun than the Lottery, and if I can make it to 82 reasonably intact, I'll be only too happy to learn new skills, be a thoroughly adaptable member of the workforce and pay tax till I'm 149!"

Link: http://www.rednova.com/news/display/?id=131454

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