Paul Berg On Stem Cell Research

Discover has an interview with scientist Paul Berg: "There are things that really trigger a strong sense of injustice in me, and frankly, the bills pending in Congress to ban cloning for stem cell research were one ... By its nature, science is an uncertain business, and predicting outcomes and results with certainty is foolhardy. I believe that the availability of embryonic stem cells provides a new and powerful approach to understanding the genetic and cellular basis of disease and for that reason is likely to lead to new knowledge and better treatments for those who are afflicted with those burdens. I'm convinced, however, that we are far less likely to find cures or new therapies without research on stem cells. ... I'm an experimentalist, and the only way I can tell you if it's going to work is to let me try it. But if you're going to prevent me from trying it, we'll never know."


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