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It occurred to me - as I was putting up the latest run of ads - that I had not mentioned the new site design over at SAGE Crossroads. Unfortunately, old links to content won't pass through to the same content in the new site, but other than that it's a good upgrade. The SAGE expert trading cards are a cute touch; they're taking suggestions for more names and faces, so feel free to suggest your favorite scientists.

The new SAGE Crossroads banner ads here and at the Longevity Meme are, as always, bringing in more funding for the M Prize for anti-aging research. Have you donated?


Alteon is struggling with FDA testing of their ALT-711 drug for reducing blood pressure. This drug, clearly slows-down the ageing process (Glycation effects) and will help all of us to stay young and healthy. Is there anything we can do to help make this drug available soon? We are all getting older each day and cannot wait forever to benefit fron anti-ageing drugs.
John De Herrera

Posted by: John De Herrera at May 6th, 2005 10:43 AM

I think that many people in the healthy life extension community agree that the FDA is a big millstone around the neck of medical science.

Posted by: Reason at May 6th, 2005 3:11 PM
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