Understanding Alzheimer's

(From Science Daily). The vast sums of money invested in Alzheimer's research are paying off as capabilities and tools improve. "Researchers at UC Irvine have identified a trigger at the molecular level that marks the onset of memory decline ... The trigger is a protein called "beta amyloid" that accumulates within neurons ... Although several researchers have studied the association between beta amyloid and memory, the UCI research team is the first to identify that early beta amyloid accumulation within neurons is the trigger for the onset of memory decline in Alzheimer's." As understanding of biochemical processes increase, so too do the chances of near-term therapies or even a cure. Preventing and repairing neurodegenerative conditions is especially important to the future of healthy life extension.

Link: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/03/050309130709.htm

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