399 New Cancer Medicines In The Works

DrugResearcher.com reports on a survey of the scope of current cancer research: 399 new therapies and medicines are currently in development. Most will no doubt flounder in one way or another (the FDA proving to be a very effective barrier to medical innovation), but this is still an impressive breadth of work. The cancer research community, from activists to funders to scientists, is something that we in the healthy life extension community should seek to emulate. The pathway for medical activism leading to growth of research and large-scale funding is proven; it's been done for cancer and diabetes and is in progress for Alzheimer's disease. We can do this for serious anti-aging, rejuvenative medicine - it's just a matter of work.

Link: http://www.drugresearcher.com/news/news-ng.asp?n=60177-new-medicines-in


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