A Focus On Repairing Aging Tissue

RedNova reports on the goals of a new Irish bioengineering center: "Research on mechano-biology will be used for tissue engineering or muscle skeletal tissue. For example when you get degeneration of cartilage, such as you get with arthritis, we can grow tissue outside the body and put it in to replace defects inside the body ... There is another disease where the bond underneath the cartilage begins to stiffen. When the bond underneath the cartilage gets stiffer, the cartilage then is more highly stressed because it is sitting at the top of a stiffer bond, and there is the start of the process of degeneration of the cartilage. Many musculature diseases begin with problems with the bond tissue." Developing regenerative medicine for all age-related conditions is going to take a vast amount of work.

Link: http://www.rednova.com/news/science/152040/getting_down_to_the_bone/


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