A Libertarian View of Cancer

Who says that libertarians can't write articles that are simultaneously good and entertaining? Here's one from Bill Walker that covers a wide range of topics, from the evil done by centralized state control over medicine to cancer, telomeres and future therapies:

If telomerase inhibitors were a new kind of computer chip, they would have been on every Wal-Mart pharmacy shelf and selling for ten dollars a bottle by now. ... In a free system, life insurance companies, consumer magazines, and other competing interests would provide medical databases. Maybe even the AMA would become a force for "truth-in-medicine," as it was to some degree before the creation of the FDA. Under common law but free of arbitrary regulation, drug development would be as fast as computer development. Cancer would be extinct and human beings would finally, really, own their own bodies.

The Mprize for anti-aging research gets a link in the piece as well - something I'd like to see more of.