Comments Requested on "Life Extension, Caloric Restriction and Scientific Philanthropy"

Aging researcher Leonid Gavrilov is requesting comments, advice and suggestions over at Longevity Science:

Today I am starting to write a new Perspectives paper, and I am asking for your help and advice. ... I am invited to write a Perspective paper on caloric restriction, which in my mind has been transformed to a broader topic with a title:

"Life Extension, Caloric Restriction, and Scientific Philanthropy"

This Perspective paper is addressed to the audience of about 25,000 biomedical researchers world-wide (members of the Science Advisory Board), and it will be publicly available on the Internet for everybody.


This kind of Perspectives papers may be potentially important for making the Society and potential philanthropists more friendly to ideas of extension of healthy lifespan, so your help and editorial advice on this paper would be greatly appreciated.

He gives some references and enough of a beginning to show the direction he intends to take, so drop by and offer suggestions and references for similar past work.


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