Experimenting With Mprize Text Ads

As you might (or might not) have noticed, I'm currently experimenting with text ads for the Mprize for anti-aging research, using Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM), formerly Overture. Please refrain from running off to find and click them - I'm assuming that the folks reading Fight Aging! already know about the Mprize and what it aims to achieve. This experimentation aims to introduce the Mprize to folks who haven't heard about it before and gain some experience for later low-cost advertising campaigns. The Mprize is sufficiently different from both the Longevity Meme and Fight Aging! to prevent me from simply copying my existing keyword advertising lists and working from there, however.

I prefer YSM for the initial stages of this sort of experimentation, since it's more a much more time-consuming affair to get Google's automation to play ball for healthy life extension and related topics. The current YSM keyword list looks something like this:

aging disease
aging research
anti aging pill
effects of aging

aging gracefully
aging process
aging with dignity
anti aging medicine
anti aging product
anti aging therapy
antiaging longevity
health aging
health longevity
healthy aging
life longevity
longevity and aging
longevity research
longevity science
reverse aging
stop aging
successful aging

Of these, the first four are the most successful to date; the number of click-throughs is nothing to write home about, but the click-through rate is high. Meanwhile Google confirms that "aging disease" and "aging research" are good in AdWords, but I haven't been able to convince the system there to keep my keywords active for a number of other prospects.

I'm now soliciting suggestions from the floor as to other, higher traffic keywords I can try. Those and other thoughts on modes of low cost advertising would be greatly appreciated.


To get your other keywords to stay active in Adwords you'll probably have to experiment with negative keywords. Actually you should go ahead and use negative keywords even for your more successful keywords since it will lower your cost and increase click through rate by preventing your ad showing for searches that are for things unlikely to be related.

The place I've found for Adwords info is the webmasterworld forum.

Posted by: Brian A at May 16th, 2005 2:47 PM

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