Mprize in Discover Magazine

The Mprize for anti-aging research recieves a small mention in the latest issue of Discover Magazine:

The M could stand for many things - like a million dollars, the prize money in its pot, or even medicine, the field of science it hopes to revolutionize. But it stands for Methuselah, the biblical character whose name is synonymous with longevity. The prize, set up by University of Cambridge biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey, will go to the scientific team that successfully extends the life or reverses the aging of mice. What works for rodents, de Grey hopes, will someday work for humans. How will the winner be chosen? All a team has to do is extend a lab mouse's life beyond the current record of 4.98 years - the equivalent of a 150-year-old human.

Every little bit helps - and that goes for donations too. The number of donors matters just as much as the current prize total when it comes to attracting media attention and wealthy sponsors. So step up to the plate and put in a little money - it's a well-placed investment for the future of your health and longevity.


I am very interested in this field of research. I am convinced that the age of mice can be extended to more than 4.98 years. With the proper funding, I believe that this could be done within the next three years easily.

Posted by: Lonnie Torrence at May 20th, 2005 8:50 AM

The key being the necessary funding - that is where the greatest effort of healthy life extension advocates must be focused. I certainly hope to see the prize inspire not only funding for robust rejuvenation in mice, but also for human healthy life extension. That's why I donated.

Posted by: Reason at May 20th, 2005 8:56 AM

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