On Anti-Aging Hype

The Mayo Clinic has a fairly sensible, conversative article on the sorts of products currently pushed by the "anti-aging" marketplace - and calorie restriction, which is not. The bottom line is that the science simply is not there to support most claims made by sellers in the marketplace; calorie restriction is the gold standard for scientific backing in present day healthy life extension techniques, and little else rises to that level. That said, the value of supplementation, exercise and calorie restriction in improving health and resisting age-related disease are well backed by research. If you want to be active and alive to benefit from working anti-aging medicine developed in the future then you have to take best care of your health here and now.

Link: http://www.mayoclinic.com/invoke.cfm?objectid=B5791D91-9D3A-4B21-A21000216ADE493D


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