On Evolutionary Theories of Aging (PDF)

The latest newsletter from the American Aging Association (AGE) includes a PDF format discussion on the state of the evolutionary biological theory of aging. It "predicts a polygenic basis for aging and the likelihood that multiple mechanisms are involved. Then how, many would ask, can the theory be reconciled with the mounting evidence that single gene mutations in worms, flies and mice can lead to enhanced life spans? And how to reconcile the fact that a single environmental intervention - caloric restriction - can enhance the life spans of so many species?" Aubrey de Grey and Leonid Gavrilov are amongst those offering opinions, making it well worth reading. As a reminder, the 34th AGE annual meeting starts this week in California.

Link: http://www.americanaging.org/news/AGE%20News%20May%202005%20Martin%20Discussion.pdf


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