Aubrey De Grey At Stanford, June 8th

(Via the Stanford Transhumanist Association). For those of you in the area, biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey will be speaking at Stanford University next week, June 8th. "Many people say curing aging might be a bad idea, but deep down we all know that's nonsense. We cling to silly doubts about it only because we don't want to get our hopes up too soon. Eventually, though, this will stop being appropriate: we'll know enough to wage a 'war on aging' with a fair chance of winning it in a few decades. At that time, ambivalence will costs lives - 100,000 lives each day - by slowing down the research and development to turn our knowledge into working rejuvenation therapies. I will explain that we have recently reached that point: the time for the war on aging has arrived."



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