Considering a Bid For Lunch With Ray Kurzweil

As you may know, the Methuselah Foundation - home of the Mprize for rejuvenation and longevity research - is currently auctioning a celebrity lunch with Ray Kurzweil, to be held at a mutually convenient time and location. The auction has been running for a few days now, with healthy bidding between the Immortality Institute full members group and a number of other folks.

Kurzweil is a fascinating individual - a great example of what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. He has been doing a fair amount of heavy lifting for the popularization of healthy life extension in the wake of his book Fantastic Voyage, co-written with Terry Grossman. Whatever I may think about supplements boosterism and topics such as the timescale of technology progress, Kurzweil's efforts have benefited the wider community of healthy life extension advocates. A world in which more respected, influential people are talking seriously about greatly extending the healthy human life span is a world in which actually achieving this end becomes easier. I would certainly put in a bid for lunch myself were I not involved in some of the volunteer work related to the auction.

The celebrity lunch auction will run through to the end of the Thursday 14th - if you are considering a bid, you have the weekend to think about it and get together five like-minded friends. Lunch with Ray Kurzweil would certainly be something to talk about for a while, and the proceeds are going to the best of causes.


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