Head Out of Shell, Aware, Moving, But Not in the Right Direction Yet

If you want to take the long term view, articles like this one from the BBC are at least modestly promising. People are slowly opening their eyes and talking about aging in a more positive way, as something that can be changed and improved upon. Recognizing that there is an issue - that degenerative aging is extremely unpleasant for everyone who suffers and eventually dies from it - and that sufficient investment in science can make a difference is the first step.

Rising life expectancy could mean older people having to endure more years of ill health at the end of their lives, say peers. A House of Lords Science and Technology Committee report says more must be done to make older people healthier and to improve their quality of life. It calls on the government to apply scientific resources to improve health in old age.

We advocates must continue in our work to promote serious, scientific anti-aging research to those who have finally come to the conclusion that aging is not immutable, and that scientific research to ameliorate age-related suffering and ill-health is a good idea.

(I'll pragmatically refrain from commenting on the knee-jerk British reaction to address matters, especially matters medical, through horribly inefficient and unaccountable government programs).


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