Jay Fox on the Daily Show Tonight (Updated: ... Or Not)

I have it on good authority that Jay Fox will be - briefly - on tonight's edition of the Daily Show in a segment on "The Fountain of Youth." So respect the sacrifice in pride he is making for the wider cause of healthy life extension advocacy and tune in.

Don't forget to watch the Daily Show with John Stewart, tonight (Wed., July 13) at 11 PM EDT on Comedy Central. I've been told I will be on for about 30-45 seconds. No idea if my plug for the MPrize made it to the final cut. Anyway, have a good laugh at my expense.

We shall see if all publicity is good publicity...but join the discussion at the Immortality Institute forum and have your say on the matter.

UPDATE: Ah, the vagaries of media scheduling.

The segment on "The Fountain of Youth", in which I will appear, and which was originally scheduled to air tonight, has been rescheduled. It is tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 18th. Tentatively.

Well done, Jay. I look forward to watching the show tonight.

Posted by: Kip Werking at July 13th, 2005 2:22 PM

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