Kurzweil Auction Wrapup

The dust has settled from the Methuselah Foundation charity auction for lunch with futurist and healthy life extension advocate Ray Kurzweil; congratulations to the lucky winner. I think that we can call it a win all round despite the uphill battle on the publicity side ... and we won't talk about just how long it took the combined technical genius of the Mprize volunteer crew, myself included, to figure out the details of how to run charity auctions on eBay through MissionFish. A humbling experience indeed. From Jay Fox:

The first main area of success was, of course, the money. The winning bid was $4,050.00, and when combined with Ray Kurzweil's generous offer to match up to $4,000.00, the total cash benefit to the prize was $8,050.00. When added to the cash already collected for the prizes, this would bring the total cash collected to nearly $160,000.00.

The second main area of success was public awareness and outreach. This multi-faceted area of success includes a doubling or more of the number of pages that link to the MPrize, a spike in traffic to the website, and at least one new membership to The Three Hundred, a group of dedicated individuals and organizations which pledge $1,000 a year for 25 years. These $25,000 commitments will help fund the first skirmishes in the coming War on Aging.

Please take a moment to recognize that a great deal of hard work goes into these fundraising events - the ongoing growth and success of the Mprize for anti-aging research is due to the commitment and dedication of volunteers and donors alike.

You can show your support for the fight to cure aging by donating to the Mprize fund. The amount doesn't matter; it is more important that you stand up and make a statement about your desire for the future - to enter a world of longer, healthier lives and working longevity medicine.


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