Science & Theology News Peers at Liberation Biology

Liberation Biology by Ronald Bailey is of course worthy of note, but I thought I'd point out this review from Science & Theology News:

Bailey addresses major issues in biotechnology: longevity, disease control, stem cell research, cloning, designer babies, agricultural biotechnology and mind improvement drugs.

Bailey openly dismisses bioconservative arguments, saying their "fears are vastly exaggerated; their ethical objections to biotechnological progress are largely misconceived; and the biotech revolution rather than diminishing human dignity and liberty will instead enhance and enlarge them." He takes leading bioconservatives to task, writing that the "future toward which the biotech revolution is taking humanity is in fact almost the exact opposite of the Brave New World."

The advance of biotechnology is indeed a liberation - a liberation first from sickness, then from degenerative aging, and finally from involuntary death. We are a thousand times better off than our ancestors for just the progress of the past century - and this is merely the beginning of a long, fascinating path of discovery and growth. More and better is to come, and those who oppose better medicine and longer, healthier lives should be denounced for the selfish fools they are.

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