Aubrey de Grey On Aging, Cancer Research

From Casey Research, we have biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey on the parallels between cancer research and real anti-aging research: "Once we realize that combating aging is an engineering problem, no different in essence from maintaining a car, many things become clearer. First, it's actually wrong to focus single-mindedly on preempting the accumulation of damage: we should prevent what we can, sure, but we should also strive to repair damage that has already occurred. ... Just how likely does success at a given venture, within a given time frame, have to be to justify trying? ... [Radical life extension is] pretty big benefit, and one worth fighting a war for, even if we think it'll only be in time for our kids and not for ourselves. More than that: just as the War on Cancer continues unabated (and with intense public support) today, despite the slowness of progress, so a war on aging, once started, will continue until it's won."



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