Fundraising For The Mprize

A great many generous folks have helped raise funds for the Mprize for anti-aging research over the past two years; here's an article on the efforts of the youngest volunteer to date: "When eight year old Avianna asks potential donors to help, they all realize that Avianna is not doing it for herself. Her approach is logical: 'Aging is bad, and it can be repaired in our lifetime.' She has caused her neighbors to consider a future in which increasing years of life doesn't have to mean becoming old and frail. Avianna's efforts have exceeded even her own optimistic expectations, resulting in $3000 of donations in just a few short weeks. Said Avianna, 'I want to help peole live longer so that they can help with the problems of the world more.'" The more people willing to help meet the Muhlestein Family Trust Challenge, the better.



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