People Who Want To Age And Die

I have nothing against people who want to age, suffer and die - I just think that they haven't given enough thought as to exactly how unpleasant the experience will be. A good example of the type - complete with airy metaphysical nonsense - can be found in this recent Guardian op-ed: "The idea of life extending for 1,000 years is altogether too dreadful to contemplate. Life is possible only because there is an end to it in sight. ... I would be content to live to around 100 ... but not much longer." I'd be willing to wager a great deal of money that the author, if he is lucky enough to be in good health and cheer on his 100th birthday thanks to future anti-aging medicine, will not immediately be reaching for the suicide pills. People who fear change - any change, even positive, wonderful change - more than they fear death are a strange lot.



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