Sonia Arrison On Longevity Research

Sonia Arrison - who, incidentally, will be speaking at the forthcoming Immortality Institute Life Extension Conference - opines on the state of healthy life extension research in this op-ed at TechNewsWorld: "Society's long-held view of aging probably left us years behind in research ... Fortunately, those days are over, and numerous scientists are working on finding ways to extend human life by fighting aging. ... a disease is defined as "condition in which the functioning of the body or a part of the body is interfered with or damaged." Cell damage involved in the process of aging clearly fits under this definition. Since that's the case, one might wonder why the very same agency sports a Web page titled "Healthy Aging." That's like saying "Healthy Disease" or "Healthy Cancer." The explanation for this logical inconsistency lies in our low-tech past, which we are quickly leaving behind."



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