The Muhlestein Challenge Grant Met, and Quickly Too

That was quick - the Methuselah Foundation's $25,000 Muhlestein Family Trust Challenge I mentioned last Sunday has already been met:

To the delight of all volunteers, donors and competitors involved in the Mprize competition, the Stan and Judy Muhlestein Trust $25,000 challenge has ALREADY BEEN MET. This stunning result is due especially to the generosity of David Gore, the newest member of The Three Hundred whose $25,000 donation swept the challenge. Thanks to all involved!

Upon hearing the news Dr. Aubrey de Grey said "this calls for beer all around!".

You have to move quickly if you want to take part in fundraising events around here! Thanks to these generous folks, and a surprise $125,000 from an anonymous donor, the Mprize for anti-aging research has passed the $1.75 million mark in total pledges. Things are very much on track for the Mprize to do for serious, scientific anti-aging research what the X Prize has accomplished for the private aerospace industry - to wake it up and blaze the way for tangible advances in technology and capabilities.

Have you told your friends about the Mprize and the future of healthy life extension today?

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