Scott B. and Anne P. Appleby Charitable Trust Donates to the Mprize

It's always good to wake up to the news that my favored charitable cause has gained another respected donor organization. From Dave Gobel, news of another large lump sum for the Mprize for anti-aging research:

The Scott B. and Anne P. Appleby Charitable Trust has donated:
$20,000 for the Longevity Mprize
$20,000 for the Rejuvenation Mprize
$15,000 for [Methuselah Foundation] directed purposes including expenses for Aubrey de Grey

The Mprize fund is within $100,000 of the end of year goal of $2 million in pledges - only four more members of The Three Hundred and we'll be there. Congratulations to the Methuselah Foundation volunteers on the results of their hard work, and many thanks to the many donors who have stepped forward to make a committment to the future of healthy life extension medicine.

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Wow That is great! It's realy encouraging to see frequent donations to the mprize now. Not far off 2 Million!

Posted by: Matt at October 18th, 2005 5:04 AM

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