Tissue Engineering With Fetal Stem Cells

From Forbes: "Using cells from amniotic fluid, [researchers] were able to reconstruct defective tracheas (windpipes) in fetal lambs. ... This is one of several tissue-engineering methods developed at Children's Hospital Boston that uses the fetus's own cells - taken from the amniotic fluid that surrounds it - to create tissue to repair birth defects ... amniotic fluid, which is easily collected, contains unspecialized cells called mesenchymal stem cells. These stem cells can be used to make many of the tissues [needed to] repair a malformation while the baby is still in the womb or after birth - potentially even many years later." Based on this and other research, the storage of all these traditionally discarded materials sounds like a good plan. A pity it's too late for most of us - other methods must be developed for this sort of regenerative therapy in adults.

Link: http://www.forbes.com/lifestyle/health/feeds/hscout/2005/10/08/hscout528378.html

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