An Overview Of SENS

The latest American Aging Association Newsletter contains Aubrey de Grey's overview of SENS for biogerontologists - a good read for the rest of us too. "Possibly unaware of what he may be unleashing, Norm Wolf has asked me to outline in the AGE newsletter the approach to postponing aging that I have been developing for the past five years [1-3]. It goes by the acronym SENS, standing for 'Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence', and I have given it this provocative name without hyperbole: I claim that it genuinely has the potential to convert a species that ages (namely humans) into one that, at least within the limits of statistical detectability, does not." A high-profile exchange of views on healthy life extension is brewing in the gerontological community - a very good thing for those of us who wish to see more directed research into working anti-aging medicine.



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