Both High Traffic and Intelligent, Coherent Comments - Shocking!

I am shocked - shocked! - to discover a high-traffic blog in which the comments appended to a post on healthy life extension form a coherent, well-written, intelligent and readable discussion. My congratulations to the blogger in question for gathering such a community of readers.

I make no secret that I side with the anti-aging forces. Senescence is a horrible killer, a disease that should be fought with every available weapon. Every time I hear an argument about why humans should not artificially extend the number of years wherein we live robust, healthy, active lives, I get creeped out. "God wouldn't want us to do this" is the most irrational and disturbing, and holds no more weight with me than arguments about how transplants, artificial organs, or lifesaving drugs are "against God's plan." If you believe that stuff, great, you voluntarily forego life-saving, quality of life enhancing treatments. Just leave the rest of us alone.

But even worse in my view are creepy, death-embracing arguments like, "the world has too many people" or "all that is good in humanity comes from our mortality," which are morally bankrupt so far as I can see.

Go and read the whole thing, comments included.

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