Healthy Aging IS a Contradiction In Terms

There is no such thing as "healthy aging" - it's a misnomer, a myth put out by the lie down and die school of acceptance and suffering. Sadly, at the present time your only choices lie in how rapidly you allow yourself to degenerate due to age-related biochemical and cellular damage - but degenerate you will, no matter which of the presently available tools and techniques you use.

While health articles like this recent one in Forbes are good insofar as they go, they don't go very far at all. Far too much of the mainstream discussion of aging and health presents only steps one and two of healthy healthy life extension - basically good health practices and common sense - as the be-all and end-all of what can be done. This is far from true; in this age of ongoing biomedical revolution, the dominant contribution to the next thirty years of your health and longevity will come from the medical research pipeline. The future of that pipeline is entirely in our hands - the most important health choice most of us can make today is whether or not to materially support scientific anti-aging and longevity research.

Do you want to see a future in which all the diseases of aging, and indeed any ill-health resulting from aging has been banished? Do you want your future to be one in which "healthy aging" is not a contradiction in terms? If you don't stand up to say so, then this future is that much less likely to arrive within your lifetime.

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