Michael Rose, The Long Tomorrow

Biologist Michael Rose's work and book, The Long Tomorrow, are examined by the St. Petersburg Times: "Animals fed a nourishing diet containing 20 to 40 percent fewer calories than they normally consume will live about 20 to 40 percent longer. Apparently, flies that consumed less food diverted calories from egg production to fat storage, which kept them healthier longer. So fat promotes longevity? No, but caloric restriction certainly improves health and extends longevity in many species, including humans. When humans consume fewer calories, their blood pressure drops, their bad cholesterol declines, their good cholesterol increases, their immune function improves and the levels of insulin and glucose in their blood remain enviously low. But how does caloric restriction produce these benefits?"

Link: http://www.sptimes.com/2005/11/01/Floridian/Good_news_on_aging___.shtml


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