More On p53

Medical News Today has a better article on the recent study of the p53 gene and longevity in fruit flies: "When the p53 gene is damaged or missing, cancer may result. In fact, more than 50 percent of human cancers carry p53 mutations. ... When p53 is hyperactive - pumping out higher-than-normal levels of tumor-suppressing protein - it accelerates aging and shortens life span in mice. ... What this new work shows is that there is a 'golden mean' with p53. By targeting a decrease in p53 protein, specifically in neurons, we can extend healthy life span in fruit flies. ... We believe that p53 is part of the caloric restriction life span extension pathway. It's not the entire explanation, but it appears to play a major role." The calorie restriction connection is fascinating, given recent news. It appears that much of interest in biochemistry touches on calorie intake in some way.


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