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Cryonics is a scientific approach to developing a chance to avoid death for those of us who will not live long enough to see working anti-aging medicine, nor participate in the process of actuarial escape velocity. The non-profit Alcor Life Extension Foundation is the largest provider of cryonic suspension services; amongst other activities, the Alcor staff, volunteers and associates are engaged in improving the process of vitrification, an alternative to freezing that avoids tissue damage issues:

Vitrification is an ice-free process in which more than 60% of the water inside cells is replaced with protective chemicals. This completely prevents freezing during deep cooling. Instead of freezing, molecules just move slower and slower until all chemistry stops at the glass transition temperature (approximately -124°C). Unlike freezing, there is no ice formation or ice damage in vitrified tissue. Blood vessels have been reversibly vitrified, and whole kidneys have been recovered and successfully transplanted after cooling to -45°C while protected with vitrification chemicals.

From the latest Alcor newsletter, we learn that a $100,000 matching grant applies to all donations to whole-body vitrification research and developement until January 31, 2006.

A better cryopreservation can be yours. That's why our staff, including senior research scientist Sergey Sheleg, MD, PhD, is actively working to cryopreserve your intact body and brain as perfectly as possible.

Progress is already underway. Alcor recently upgraded its whole body cryopreservation procedure by switching to M22, an advanced cryoprotectant capable of vitrifying the brain for whole-body members, but parts of the body are still not fully vitrified. We need your help to reach the next level.

We need the help of every one of our members now to achieve whole-body vitrification. Until January 31, 2006, every dollar donated will be matched up to $100,000 by a generous donation from Bina & Martine Rothblatt, Alcor members dedicated to rapidly advancing this technology.

Call now to make your pledge: 877-462-5267 ext. 101

Or print and fax your pledge form to: 480-922-9027

[PDF format] Pledge forms are available at this link:

When sending donations by mail, include this pledge form or simply write "Matching Grant Donation" in the memo field of your check:

Alcor Foundation
7895 E. Acoma Drive, Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Attention: Fundraising Dept.

If you have been considering a donation to one of the non-profit cryonics organizations, this would be a good time.

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