Tithonus Fails To Materialize

(Via IrishHealth). Healthy life extension means what it says - advances in medicine lead to longer lives, and also lasting health in later life: "data on hospital admission in older people in the UK and Europe has shown that older people do not spend a longer period in hospital in the decade or so before death compared to people dying younger. ... advances in medicine had allowed for the postponement of disabling illness when people get older. ... there is still huge untapped potential for postponing disability in old age in areas such as health promotion, illness prevention, the appropriate use of existing therapies and the feasibility of future technologies." This process of healthy life extension is presently ongoing in an incidental, indirect fashion - it is up to us to speed it up by ensuring that directed anti-aging research is funded.

Link: http://www.irishhealth.com/?level=4&id=8475


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