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I'm always pleased to see more people blogging on the advancing science of healthy life extension - biotechnology, nanotechnology, understanding our cells and biochemical processes, defeating age-related disease, patient and research advocacy ... the works. There's only so much one person can usefully do in any endeavor, advocacy included - but many people can accomplish great things. This latest newcomer is the author of the Biosingularity blog:

I am an Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at a medical school in United States. My research interests are human immune system, HIV infection, stem cells and reprogramming differentiation programs of cells.


The convergence of biology with nanotechnology and information technologies will soon create an unprecendent ability to understand and manipulate biological systems. I have coined the term Biosingularity to define a time when we will be able to engineer new biological systems and have complete molecular control in manipulating existing life forms.

As we we approach biosingularity, we will first eliminate all diseases, then slow and eventually stop aging. At biosingularity we will be able reverse the aging process and amplify human intelligence and capabilities beyond unimaginable levels.

I started this blog to chronicle the remarkable advances in biological systems and hopefully also to provide a conceptual framework to discuss reverse engineering biological systems and its profound ramifications for the future of humanity.

Biosingularity has been a useful, quality effort to date, providing another good transhumanist slant on progress in modern biotechnology; you should certainly check it out.

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