Another $50,000 for LysoSENS Research

Good news from the Methuselah Foundation:

We are very pleased to announce that Three Hundred Member and long time Mprize supporter, Gary Hudson of HMX Inc., has donated fifty-thousand dollars to further the research of LysoSENS. LysoSENS is the novel approach of utilizing microbial enzymes to degrade otherwise indigestible junk that accumulates within cells with aging, eventually causing pathology. Thank you to Gary and all of our research supporters!

This is on top of more than $100,000 that Hudson has already donated to the Methuselah Foundation, to assist and encourage medical science in the development of viable strategies to prevent and repair age-related cellular damage - and thus defeat aging.

The MPrize itself has passed $3 million in cash and pledges this year, thanks in large part to the recent anonymous $1 million donation, but also due to the dedication and generosity of many hundreds of other people. "All" that stands between us and the first commercially available, working anti-aging medicine is hard work and funding. This is a huge scientific project, but then so is the battle against cancer, and that's moving forward - the sooner we get started, the sooner we'll achieve results.

So do more than simply wish for a far longer, healthier life - help make the necessary medical technology a reality by donating to the Methuselah Foundation.

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