Early Nanomedicine

(Via nanotechwire.com). What the mainstream describes as nanomedicine is probably best looked at as the application of nanoscale engineering to existing medical technology. It's a matter infrastructural improvement - smaller, faster, cheaper - and is largely taking place in diagnostics, biotechnology research, and drug delivery. "Nanomedicine is now within the realm of reality starting with nanodiagnostics and drug delivery facilitated by nanobiotechnology. ... There is definite indication of large growth of the market but it will be uneven and cannot be plotted as a steady growth curve. The largest expansion is expected between the years 2010 and 2015." Advanced nanomedicine - such as the use of mass-produced medical nanorobots to replace, enhance, repair or protect existing biological systems in the body - will be built upon a more advanced technology base that is yet to come.

Link: http://nanotechwire.com/news.asp?nid=2696


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