More TheraVitae Coverage

Israel21c has more on TheraVitae and their stem cell heart therapy: "We've treated 65 patients, and the number is going up daily, and we're very optimistic. Based on the data gathered, it will be much easier to get initial approval for Phase I trials in the US, which we're planning to apply for within the next few months ... As the therapy is still in its early stages, only those classified by doctors as 'no option' - meaning that conventional solutions such as angioplasty and bypass surgery have been exhausted - are eligible. ... We're treating patients that have no other therapeutic option. There's no pill they can take, their lives are headed in one direction. This therapy is one that can bring them in the opposite direction." This flurry of press coverage is the visible sign of what will soon be a wave of commercialized stem cell therapies.



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