Obesity, Loss of Vision

As yet another gentle reminder of the weight of scientific evidence demonstrating that excess fat is a very bad thing for long term health, we have this report from Israel21C: "being overweight - in addition to the known numerous health risks such as heart disease and cancer - also greatly increases your chances of losing your vision. Following a review of than 20 research studies on thousands of patients around the world, [scientists] found a consistently strong correlation between obesity and the occurrence and development of all four of the major eye diseases that cause blindness ... In some of the cases the reasons for linkage between obesity and these diseases was clear - for example, since glaucoma, diabetes and [age-related macular degeneration] all affect the vascular system and excess weight is known to create pulmonary problems, the blood vessels in the eye are affected, and sight deteriorates. But when it comes to cataracts, the link is less obvious."

Link: http://www.israel21c.org/bin/en.jsp?enDispWho=Articles%5El1167&enPage=BlankPage&enDisplay=view&enDispWhat=object&enVersion=0&enZone=Health


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