Time On TheraVitae

Time takes a look at TheraVitae and its newly commercialized stem cell therapy: "Fulga's treatment repairs damaged or inactive heart tissue using adult stem cells harvested from the patient's blood and processed outside the body by mimicking the body's environment. Unlike other stem-cell therapies, which make use of bone marrow or - more controversially in the U.S. - the blood of human embryos, Fulga believes the procedure patented by TheraVitae is simpler, safer and less invasive. ... Fulga and his colleagues are tapping into the estimated $54 billion-a-year market of cardiac patients in need of treatment. The company projects that it will break even soon. 'We want to be the Intel of cell therapy.'"

Link: http://www.time.com/time/globalbusiness/article/0,9171,1137670,00.html


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