Review of the Genetics of Aging

A review paper on genes, aging and drug discovery in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is interesting for having come from Elixir Pharmaceuticals staff: "Aging is not a passive activity, but an actively regulated metabolic process. Specific genes have been identified that regulate aging, although aging, and consequently longevity, is only partially under genetic influence. ... type 2 diabetes, a disease of glucose homeostasis, can be conceptualized as a form of accelerated aging. ... Because aging and diabetes are intimately related at a molecular level, diabetes may be able to provide the link between disease treatment (eg, diabetes) and the prevention of age-related diseases. If specific molecular pathways controlling the rate of aging can be modulated genetically, then perhaps they can be modulated pharmacologically."

Link: http://www.ajcn.org/cgi/content/abstract/83/2/466S


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