12th Congress of the International Association of Biomedical Gerontology

(Via Frank at Anti-Aging Medicine and Science, who has a sharper eye than I for these things). The roving Congress of the International Association of Biomedical Gerontology (IABG) will next be held in 2007 in Greece, by the the look of it, under the auspices of the Institute of Biological Research and Biotechnology of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. This congress is titled "Molecular Mechanisms and Models of Ageing," and the Institute has a focus on systems biology:

The Institute of Biological Research and Biotechnology (IBRB) was established in 1977. The mission of the Institute is the acquirement of new knowledge in biological research and its socio-economic valorization, through biotechnological applications, the education of new researchers, the substantiated scientific documentation and information about the progress in biological research of the public and specific target groups (politicians, public and private organizations, press etc.)


Progress in Systems Biology, is crucial for a molecular understanding of many diseases and for development of novel biotechnological applications. The feedback between this iterative modelling and testing which is a key feature of Systems biology, to the study of diseases with a multi-factorial aetiology such as cancer and diabetes, will transform dramatically biology and medicine in the 21st century, radically modifying therapeutic practices and developing new ones (predictive, preventive and personalized medicine).

You might recall that Leroy Hood - of the Institute for Systems Biology in the US - believes this field is the path to 10-20 year healthy life extension over the next 20 years of research. This would come about through general improvements to medical and biotechnological capabilities across the board, not through any great sea change in the way the medical and research community address the mechanisms of aging.

The 11th congress of the IABG took place last August in Denmark. The 10th congress was held in the UK back in 2003, organized by biomedical gerontologist and healthy life extension advocate Aubrey de Grey:

The purpose of the IABG is (1) to make the general public more aware of the potential of biomedical aging research to increase the span of healthy productive life and to decrease the social and economic problems of age; and (2) to promote greater communication among the worldwide community of individuals engaged in biomedical aging research.

Mark your calendars accordingly.

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I am an ophthalmologist and also very seriously intereted in aging research. Our department of ophthalmology is now focusing on anti-aging.
I would like to attend the 2007 meeting.

Posted by: Kazuo Tsubota, M.D. at June 12th, 2006 12:47 AM

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