Distinction Without a Difference?

Thoughts from the Speculist: "Dr. Kirkwood is a gerontologist with a very impressive resume. So it's discouraging to to see him discounting the possibility of life extension. ... I support efforts to devise 'better ways to age' the same way I support efforts to devise better ways to hit yourself in the head with a hammer. Both projects would be good, but wouldn't it be better to avoid the underlying activity? ... 'better ways to age' and 'life extension' is a distinction without a difference. ... But any treatment that directly addresses the aging problem - something that slows degeneration - will extend life. Unless Kirkwood's hopes are limited to palliatives like Viagra and Rogaine, 'better ways to age' is just 'life extension' by another name." Some unfortunately influential aging apologists discount gains in longevity when discussing "successful aging" or the like, but I don't think Kirkwood is one of them.

Link: http://www.blog.speculist.com/archives/000712.html


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