More Multipotent Adult Stem Cells

This sort of press release should be taken with a grain of salt while waiting for confirmation of the science, but it's a good measure of where the state of the art is seen to be at the present time: "Moraga Biotechnology Corporation [announces] the discovery in adult tissues of a very primitive stem cell with properties that are similar to embryonic cells. The Company's scientists found that these adult stem cells were able to differentiate into most tissues and organs of the body ... Moraga's scientists have also discovered that their stem cells normally reside in large numbers throughout the body. More importantly, the Company has developed a simple and cost-effective method for isolating and purifying millions of its stem cells from adult tissues without the need to expand them outside the body." A number of groups are claiming easily accessed multipotent adult stem cells, but we'll see how it all shakes out in a year or two.



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