MSNBC on Healthy Life Extension

Via MSNBC, a positive general interest article on recent developments and positions in the scientific end of the healthy life extension community: "Just how far and fast life expectancy will increase is open to debate, but the direction and the accelerating trend is clear. ... [S. Jay Olshansky] is confident that longevity and health will go hand in hand and that delaying aging will translate into later onset for diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's and heart disease. ... periodic repairs to the body using stem cells, gene therapy and other techniques could eventually stop the aging process entirely. [Aubrey de Grey] argues that if each repair lasts 30 or 40 years, science will advance enough by the next 'service' date that death can be put off indefinitely - a process he calls strategies for engineered negligible senescence. ... Life saving is just death postponing with a positive spin. If it is right and good to postpone death for a short time, it is hard to see how it would be less right and less good to postpone it for a long while."



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