On the "Anti-Aging" Marketplace

True freedom is the freedom to sigh at the way other people spend their money - often in short-sighted and counterproductive ways. Here, BusinessWeek takes a look at the "anti-aging" marketplace, a thriving, frustrating entity that is very much the consequence of short-cuts taken by the past generation of healthy life extension advocates. They skipped right to the commercial delivery infrastructure, bypassing the much more important task of building a research infrastructure capable of delivering meaningful, working, real anti-aging medicine. Why is it that we have had three decades of a multi-billion dollar war on cancer, and the fight to cure aging has the sound of crickets, hucksters and earnest folk without a product that actually works? That will change in the future, but it could have been changed in the past - we will suffer longer because of this delay.

Link: http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/06_12/b3976001.htm


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