Searching for Articles

The articles section of the Longevity Meme has been languishing of late, largely as a result of my time sliding away elsewhere. These fine essays - generously donated by the authors - continue to provide a good introduction to aspects of healthy life extension and its culture. There is always room for improvement and expansion, however, and the times keep moving on even as an essay remains static.

I have no desire to be all-encompassing - nor necessarily to get into the business of putting out articles on a regular basis - but I certainly haven't covered a broad range in terms of providing introductory material for newcomers. I hope it isn't the case that there is nothing more to say in the healthy life extension community's 101 class; that would be a disappointment.

So: suggestions are sought. Do you know of good essays penned in the past few years that have aged well and should be included? Are there glaring gaps in the topics covered? Please do let me know.


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