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Most people presently in middle age or early old age in developed regions of the world are going to have the opportunity to live longer than they presently expect. They haven't been paying close attention to trends in science and research. If we advocates of SENS and similar strategies have our way, the purposeful advance of biotechnology will deliver potential additional decades of healthy life, ever more as time moves on - but at a fair cost.

At some point, most folk have had the effects of compound interest on invested savings dramatically illustrated by example. A ten year difference between the date of initial savings is a very real difference to your purchasing power down the line - it doesn't take much of a rate of return on your investments to make that difference a factor of two. You'll need that purchasing power for newly commercialized anti-aging therapies - medical technology that actually repairs age-related cellular damage in vital organs. But so what? More healthy, vital years beat out just about anything else you could be doing with your savings.

Look at the wealthiest folk you know: real wealth, and the freedom it brings, is in the form of savings and investments, not income. You're going to have the opportunity to live healthily for longer than you think - which means more compound interest and an even greater reason to save aggressively now. So liberate the self you'll be three decades from now - it's within your power.

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